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From enterprise
ID T1086
Tactic Execution
Platform Windows
Ankle l Strap Fashion Chunky Heeled Sandals Penny Shoes MVE Women's Permissions Required User, Administrator
Data Sources Windows Registry, File monitoring, Process command-line parameters, Process monitoring
Supports Remote Yes

PowerShell is a powerful interactive command-line interface and scripting environment included in the Windows operating system.1 Adversaries can use PowerShell to perform a number of actions, including discovery of information and execution of code. Examples include the Start-Process cmdlet which can be used to run an executable and the Invoke-Command cmdlet which runs a command locally or on a remote computer.

PowerShell may also be used to download and run executables from the Internet, which can be executed from disk or in memory without touching disk.

Administrator permissions are required to use PowerShell to connect to remote systems.

A number of PowerShell-based offensive testing tools are available, including Empire,2 PowerSploit,3 and PSAttack.4


  • APT29 has used encoded PowerShell scripts uploaded to CozyCar installations to download and install SeaDuke.5 APT29 also used PowerShell scripts to evade defenses.6
  • APT3 has used PowerShell on victim systems to download and run payloads after exploitation.7
  • APT32 has used PowerShell-based tools and shellcode loaders for execution.8
  • APT34 has used PowerShell scripts for execution.9
  • BRONZE BUTLER has used PowerShell for execution.10
  • CopyKittens has used PowerShell Empire.11
  • Deep Panda has used PowerShell scripts to download and execute programs in memory, without writing to disk.12
  • Dragonfly has used PowerShell.1314
  • FIN10 uses PowerShell for execution as well as PowerShell Empire to establish persistence.152
  • FIN6 has used a Metasploit PowerShell module to download and execute shellcode and to set up a local listener.16
  • FIN7 uses a PowerShell script to launch shellcode that retrieves an additional payload.1718
  • FIN8's malicious spearphishing payloads are executed as PowerShell. 1920 FIN8 has also used PowerShell during Lateral Movement and Credential Access.20
  • Leviathan has used PowerShell for execution.2122
  • Magic Hound has used PowerShell for execution.23
  • MuddyWater has used PowerShell for execution.24
  • A OilRig macro has run a PowerShell command to decode file contents.25
  • Patchwork used PowerSploit to download and run a reverse shell.26
  • The Poseidon Group's Information Gathering Tool (IGT) includes PowerShell components.27
  • Stealth Falcon malware uses PowerShell commands to perform various functions, including gathering system information via WMI and executing commands from its C2 server.28
  • TA459 has used PowerShell for execution of a payload.29
  • Threat Group-3390 has used PowerShell for execution.30
  • Men's Mephisto Match Smooth Walking Shoe White 8d4wqdZ uses to inject shellcode into PowerShell.31
  • AutoIt backdoor downloads a PowerShell script that decodes to a typical shellcode loader.32
  • Cobalt Strike can execute a payload on a remote host with PowerShell. This technique does write any data to disk.33
  • DownPaper uses PowerShell for execution.34
  • HALFBAKED can execute PowerShell scripts.17
  • HAMMERTOSS is known to use PowerShell.35
  • One version of Helminth uses a PowerShell script.36
  • POSHSPY uses PowerShell to execute various commands, one to execute its payload.37
  • POWERSOURCE is a PowerShell backdoor.3839
  • POWERSTATS uses PowerShell.40
  • POWRUNER is written in PowerShell.9
  • PowerSploit modules are written in and executed via PowerShell.4142
  • Pupy has a module for loading and executing PowerShell scripts.43
  • SeaDuke uses a module to execute Mimikatz with PowerShell to perform Pass the Ticket.5

Sandals Heeled Penny Strap Fashion Ankle Shoes MVE Chunky l Women's Mitigation

It may be possible to remove PowerShell from systems when not needed, but a review should be performed to assess the impact to an environment, since it could be in use for many legitimate purposes and administrative functions. When PowerShell is necessary, restrict PowerShell execution policy to administrators and to only execute signed scripts. Be aware that there are methods of bypassing the PowerShell execution policy, depending on environment configuration.44 Disable/restrict the WinRM Service to help prevent uses of PowerShell for remote execution.


If proper execution policy is set, adversaries will likely be able to define their own execution policy if they obtain administrator or system access, either through the Registry or at the command line. This change in policy on a system may be a way to detect malicious use of PowerShell. If PowerShell is not used in an environment, then simply looking for PowerShell execution may detect malicious activity.

It is also beneficial to turn on PowerShell logging to gain increased fidelity in what occurs during execution.45 PowerShell 5.0 introduced enhanced logging capabilities, and some of those features have since been added to PowerShell 4.0. Earlier versions of PowerShell do not have many logging features.46 An organization can gather PowerShell execution details in a data analytic platform to supplement it with other data.


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